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To Understand the Angst in the Financial Services Industry, You Have to Understand the Real Consumption of Oil

This month, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about oil consumption: Oil, at $31.41, Skids to 2003 Levels. The piece suggests that demand and consumption have driven the fluctuating prices of oil over the past few decades and are now causing a crisis in the energy industry. Several years ago I wrote a detailed

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An Unpleasant Surprise Coming

Recently, I bought gas for $2.10 per gallon, a very pleasant experience indeed. This would be a typical reaction for anyone in a market economy where cheap energy is essential for building a growing and completely diversified economy.  On the other side of the coin, there are many places where lower oil prices are not

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Why Did Fred Sauer File a Legal Action Against the Missouri Public Service Commission?

This article was originally posted on National Legal and Policy Center. On May 4, 2008, Missourians For Cleaner, Cheaper Energy filed a petition with the Missouri Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, to put Proposition C, the Clean Energy Initiative on the November 2008 ballot in Missouri. This proposition created a renewable electricity standard in the

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How Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Artfully Avoids Revealing How Much Wealth Electricity Users Transfer to Wind Energy Producers

This article was originally posted on National Legal and Policy Center In my previous special report entitled “The Carnahan Wind Deal” (National Legal & Policy Center, 10/22/13), we discovered that wind energy is highly inefficient and requires additional transmission lines and back-up gas generators when the wind doesn’t blow. Yet, windmills keep getting built, thanks

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How the Few Inflict Inflation on the Many

The “Carter” years gave the American economy one of its worst sicknesses, stagflation.  In this disease, the economy doesn’t grow and government spending does grow, and an oil embargo caused a surge in inflation.  In the 1970s, the annualized rate of inflation peaked at about 12% a year.  But, in recent years another source of inflation originating in