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Fred surveys the economic policies and economic histories of nations across the globe to identify which policies produce the circumstances for people to flourish. He then provides an economic and historical analysis of the liberal policies of the United States government…

The Carnahan Wind Deal

Fred traces the involvement of a prominent Missouri political family in a wind energy scheme. Detailed accounting detective work exposes the massive costs that so called “green energy” imposes on the poor and all electricity users. The money ends up lining the pockets of liberal elites.


Unlimited Campaign Contributions

Missouri is one of the very few states that allow unlimited campaign contributions directly to politicians. Fred surveys Missouri campaign contribution records to demonstrate how a very few big-money donors have outsized influence on Missouri politics and government.


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Fred Sauer Prevails in Common Core Suit Against Gov. Nixon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, February 24, 2015 Contact: (314) 854-1305 Missouri Court Rules That the “Interstate Consortium” Implementing Common Core Assessments Is Unconstitutional Jefferson City, Missouri. On February 24, 2015, the Circuit Court for Cole County, Missouri ruled in favor of Missouri taxpayer plaintiffs Fred N. Sauer, Anne Gassel, and Gretchen Logue in their constitutional

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Common Core: Fighting For America’s Future

As parents and concerned teachers across the nation continue to raise objections to Common Core, stressing the need for local control of education, more than one prominent political commentator has weighed in on the issue. In an excellent op-ed published in the Washington Post, George Will gave a brief summary of Lamar Alexander’s history in

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Missouri Court Temporarily Blocks State’s Payment of Membership Fees to Common Core-Aligned Interstate Consortium

Jefferson City, Missouri.  On November 25, 2014, the Circuit Court for Cole County, Missouri issued an order temporarily blocking the State of Missouri from paying membership fees to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, an interstate consortium drafting assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Missouri taxpayer plaintiffs Fred N. Sauer, Anne Gassel, and Gretchen

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Should the UN Subsidize North Korea’s Oppressive Regime?

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Frequently, I have made the observation that economic history reveals that the more a government spends out of the gross domestic product, the more miserable are its people. Now comes North Korea to help prove my point. SEOUL—The United Nations aid program for malnourished North Koreans may close after raising only a fraction of the

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Common Core: Fred Sauer Sues Governor Nixon

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Contact: (314) 854-1305 Common Core: Fred Sauer Sues Governor Nixon On September 12, 2014, the lawsuit Sauer v. Nixon was filed in Cole County Circuit Court. The lawsuit challenges payment of $4.3 million of Missouri taxpayer funds to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, an entity implementing tests aligned

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Why Did Fred Sauer File a Legal Action Against the Missouri Public Service Commission?

This article was originally posted on National Legal and Policy Center. On May 4, 2008, Missourians For Cleaner, Cheaper Energy filed a petition with the Missouri Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, to put Proposition C, the Clean Energy Initiative on the November 2008 ballot in Missouri. This proposition created a renewable electricity standard in the

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