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Famous Economist Inadvertently Blurts Out the Truth About Keynesian Economics

Alan S. Blinder has all the credentials and accolades which liberal elites crave.  He is a Princeton economics professor, the first member of President Clinton’s original Council of Economic Advisers, a former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and one of Keynesian economics’ staunchest supporters.  Recently in a Wall Street

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American Taxpayers: Meet Your New Friends and Neighbors the Greeks

America expended tens of thousands of lives and immeasurable national treasure, including the Marshall Plan, during and after World War II to liberate and rebuild Europe. The United States also defended Europe throughout the Cold War while they pinched their defense budgets and capabilities in favor of massive social expenditures. With the bailouts of Europe

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Trouble in Paradise-Fiji Needs an “Alliance of Democratic Nations” as a Counter Weight to the United Nations

Maybe some of you have been one of the 500,000 tourists who have visited Fiji, which is generally regarded as the ultimate paradise in the South Pacific.  But things are not looking so good if you are citizen of Fiji. The British granted Fiji independence in 1970.  Democratic rule was interrupted by two military coups

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Attention All Obama Administration Fiscal Gurus!

Please see this excellent current example from the National Review of why Keynesian economic spending/taxing does not work.  This is why the federal government needs to stop your reckless spending and cut our taxes! Greece badly needs to do something about it public finances, and it’s trying, but things are not working out too well, as Der Spiegel reports: