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Ezekiel Emanuel’s Definitive Misrepresentation About Obamacare

This article was originally published on American Thinker. Freedom and the right to plot one’s own destiny in life is a uniquely American feature.  It’s a right that is so ingrained in American life that many Americans take it for granted.  Yet, they exercise this right every day in making major and minor decisions.  Americans

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Can Judeo-Christian Principles, Values and Ethics Survive Obama Care?

Certain values and principles are inherent in every constitutional provision and every piece of legislation that as ever been signed into law in the United States. Without question, Judeo-Christian principles and values have been the main driving force behind the U.S. Constitution, America’s other founding documents and most of the legislation that has traversed the

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Does the Federal Government’s Performance in the Deepwater Horizon Disaster give us reassurance about Health Care by Obamacare??

I want to refer you to a remarkable post on the Hot Air Blog titled “Did the Government cause the Gulf Spill?” to further expound on my previous blog , “Skimmers, Skimmers, Skimmers-Where are the Skimmers???” The Coast Guard has gathered evidence it failed to follow its own firefighting policy during the Deepwater Horizon disaster and is investigating