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Deadly Radiation for Urban Communities-Collective Bargaining Agreements

Deadly Radiation for Urban Communities-Collective Bargaining Agreements It is a tribute to the culture of America that almost from the very beginning there was a consensus that our youth deserved an education. Some of our early ocean crossers imported another of Western Civilizations’ unique achievements: In 1806 the Public School Society of New York introduced

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Union Workers’ Greatest Enemy: The Collective Bargaining Agreement

In one of the most far sighted foreign policies, King Louis the XIV of France “offered” free land to attract families to Detroit, which grew to 800 people in 1765, the largest city between Montreal and New Orleans. Detroit would later become part of the United States under the Jay Treaty in 1796. From 1805

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The Real Honey Pot for Teachers, State Employees and Their Unions

Have you been too busy working to follow all the commotion in Wisconsin? The casual media coverage makes it sound like an armed revolution is about to break out. But, here is the core of the dispute between the state government of Wisconsin and its union-represented employees: The bill would also require union members to contribute 5.8%

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Unplugging London’s Tubes

What sits at the choke point of almost every major metropolitan area of over one million residents?  What is able to lay waste the daily orderly functions of business and everyday life in these densely populated urban areas? Unfortunately, it is usually a very, very small group of people.  And in the instance of the