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How the Missouri General Assembly Could Force a Merger of St. Louis City with St. Louis County

On January 29, 2016 the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported: JEFFERSON CITY • The city of St. Louis’ single largest source of general revenue would be phased out over 10 years under a measure approved by a Senate committee Thursday. ****  Anyone who lives or works in the city of St. Louis or Kansas City

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How Many Have Heard of the UN’s Agenda 30?

In 1992 the United Nations convened an Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to address climate change. Radicals from around the world came together to build a plan to save the planet and that plan was named Agenda 21. Last Friday, almost 200 nations including the United States signed the “Paris Agreement,” the climate change

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Questions for Rex Sinquefield About the City/County Merger

FRED SAUER MATRIX For Immediate Release Thursday, March 24, 2016 Contact: (314) 540-1010   QUESTIONS FOR REX SINQUEFIELD ABOUT HIS PLAN TO MERGE THE CITY AND THE COUNTY St. Louis, MO—On Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Fred N. Sauer placed this ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to invite St. Louisans and Missourians to a presentation

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Fox News Implodes

On the night before the Republican Convention in 2008, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News interviewed Democratic candidate Barack Obama. The tone of the interview was surprising. It was sort of a friendly embrace, not much rigorous discovery, not even about infanticide, which Obama supported when he was a senator in Illinois. I stopped watching O’Reilly

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Why Rubio Could Kill Pro-Life Momentum

Recently, a good friend and faithful supporter asked me what I thought of Marco Rubio as a presidential candidate. Marco Rubio is not my first choice and the reason is very simple. Marco Rubio has been dishonest about his immigration policy from day one, and immigration is too crucial at this juncture in our history,

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James O’Keefe’s Focus on Common Core

Many of you probably know who James O’Keefe is—an activist who specializes in undercover exposés. He and Lila Rose shot onto the national stage when they filmed two videos at Planned Parenthood in which she posed as a teenager who was a victim of statutory rape seeking an illegal abortion. The duo exposed Planned Parenthood’s

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To Understand the Angst in the Financial Services Industry, You Have to Understand the Real Consumption of Oil

This month, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about oil consumption: Oil, at $31.41, Skids to 2003 Levels. The piece suggests that demand and consumption have driven the fluctuating prices of oil over the past few decades and are now causing a crisis in the energy industry. Several years ago I wrote a detailed

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Socialism’s Lifeblood—Lying

In my book A Simple Guide: How Liberalism, a Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys Peoples and Nations, I discussed the Democrats’ terrible track record of failed policies and the breathtaking and deliberate lies the Democrats tell about those policies: We are about to examine a proposal by the current ruling class in 2009, the Democratic Party

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Economic Realities Expose Socialism’s Liars

Anyone who has ever operated a business, large or small, recognizes the essential fact that you must make a profit to succeed. A profit can be a penny or a million dollars, but the fact is that it must exceed your costs over the relevant period of operation or you won’t be in business for

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An Unpleasant Surprise Coming

Recently, I bought gas for $2.10 per gallon, a very pleasant experience indeed. This would be a typical reaction for anyone in a market economy where cheap energy is essential for building a growing and completely diversified economy.  On the other side of the coin, there are many places where lower oil prices are not

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