Campaign: Return Government to the People

Late last year, Fred Sauer formed a new organization, Returning Government to the People, to continue to pursue a ballot initiative to limit corruption and reform government in the State of Missouri. Part of an ensuing press release stated:

“On December 2, 2014, Returning Government to the People filed the Missouri Campaign Contribution Reform Initiative (MCCRI) for the 2016 election with the Missouri Secretary of State.  The MCCRI is Returning Government to the People’s first step in its effort to restore integrity to Missouri elections and promote the important ideal of limited government in Missouri.

“Missouri currently does not have any limits on donations by individuals and corporations to candidates and political parties.  Political candidates in Missouri can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from single donors.  This has created an unfortunate situation where politicians often turn to certain special interest groups, rather than the people of Missouri, for financial and political support.”

RGTTP will be launching a website very soon, and will be producing researched case studies about the troubles brought to Missouri thanks to the unlimited flow of money into government.


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