The Death of America in 2015

It is a beautiful spring morning on April 12, 2015. We are in the third year of the Obama Administration’s second term, and all is NOT well in America.

Quantitative easing has failed and the Chinese lost confidence in our currency and sold about $600 billion of the U.S. Treasury securities that they had been holding. The international value of the dollar has dropped and interest rates are 23% and climbing. The Chinese took the opportunity to float their currency, and it has become the most highly valued in the international markets.

Our stock market has crashed, and the Chinese are now purchasing all sorts of previously well-valued companies at dirt cheap prices with their now overvalued currency.

Domestic carbon taxes on the burning of all carbon-based fuels have increased energy prices 20% over the rate of inflation. And companies are moving as much of their remaining production capacity as possible overseas. This helps explain the 30% unemployment and all the civil unrest that is beginning to manifest itself.

Iran is consolidating its hegemony over the Middle East after a successful 5-front attack on Israel by Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Hamas. The Saudi monarchy has fallen, and Iran now dominates the largest collection of oil reserves in the world. With oil prices at $215 per barrel and still rising, they are making a fortune, as are the other remaining major oil-producing nations such as Venezuela and Russia.

The U.N. has just billed us for $500 billion in international carbon taxes to pay underdeveloped nations not to burn carbon-based fuels. And our military budget has been cut 50%. And the military’s main focus is now on internal security.

But there isn’t much news because cable TV and the Internet have been put under draconian federal regulation and control. Freedom of the press is dead.

And to think that this was all triggered by some talking heads on FOX News and others, who beguiled many frustrated Republicans to vote for Donald Trump, the 2012 Independent candidate for president. Trump took 23% vote, mainly from Republicans. The Republican nominee received 30% of the vote, and Barack Obama won the presidency with just 47% of the vote.

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