A Voter Guide for Undecideds, People over 50, Recent College Graduates

Here is a catalogue of outstanding, as in way out of the norm, accomplishments of our Government as controlled by the Democrat Party.

The Publicly Held National Debt has increased 50% from $6 trillion to $9 trillion in the first 2 years of the regime.  If the average interest rate on this debt rose to 6% from the 2010 budget level of 1.97%, the resulting interest costs would be over $492 billion.  This would equal 72% of Social Security expenditures.

If you have paid payroll taxes for 40-45 years, you are getting close to retirement and are just expecting good health care in your twilight years.  But Obamacare will be regulated by two gurus who may have a different view of you.  Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas where she was the protector of partial birth abortion, is now head of the Department of Health and Human Services.  Obviously, she does not look at “life” like you do, so expect the tens of thousands of pages of health care regulations written under her authority and controlling your health care to be indifferent to your needs.  And her top helper is a fellow named Berwick, who thinks the British health care system’s rationing of health care is just great whether or not another year of your life is worth it to the government.  He will be determining, without your input, whether another year of life for you is too expensive.

Close to 1,000,000 illegal immigrants cross into the United States each year, yet the Federal Government spends our tax dollars suing Arizona for enforcing federal law when the very same Federal Government has refused to enforce the law.  Every year, the 11,600,000 illegal immigrants in the United States cost the federal, state and local governments $99.442 billion.  This includes the new 178,000 illegal immigrants the federal government fails to apprehend each year.   Illegals have “more rights” than taxpaying citizens who pay for the benefits that the illegal immigrants receive.

Unemployment, which has climbed over 10% in this most recent recession, is still stuck around 9.6%with no relief in sight.  But the Federal Government’s “broader measure of unemployment rose even more to 17.1%, the highest rate since April and down just slightly from the October 2009 high of 17.4%.”

Young people in this era face the most limited job opportunities.  And if they find once, the prospects for future advances will be negatively impacted by the rising cost of our national debt.

Congress has tried to pass a tax on the use of all fossil-based energy to make the cost of energy more costly to everyone except those people who are deemed unable to afford the higher cost.  These people will receive payments from the other people who will pay the higher costs.  This is a vote buying mechanism of major proportions.  Yes, it is simply a vast transfer of savings to buy new voters and make an economy more uncompetitive.

And the EPA is preparing to declare all sorts of restrictions on the American consumer of CO2 because the Obama Administration has determined that carbon dioxide, which we exhale, is a deadly gas.  This is in spite of the fact that every green plant takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  This will also increase the cost of energy usage and weigh down the economy.

Voter fraud of every kind is produced because the Democrats will never prosecute it.  They thrive on this fundamental attack on democracy.  And they find all sorts of facilitators in people like George Soros to provide Democrats more political power where they don’t have it.  One only needs to look at the mess created by Democrats in the election of Al Franken as a Senator by stealing the election from Senator Norm Coleman.

Union funds to the Democratic Party amounted to almost 50% of the total campaign expenditures in 2008.  In 2009, unions made up 12.3% of the workforce in the United State.  Public employee unions, whose wages are paid by the taxpayers, had 7.9 million members in 2009, while private sector unions only had 7.4 million.  Therefore, about 12% of the total workforce contributes 50% of the resources that the Democratic Party spends annually on elections.  Is this democracy or union ownership of the Democratic Party?

Education, therefore, inevitably suffers as teachers are encumbered by collective bargaining and seniority rules that continue to suppress good educators.  And this is why Democrats will always favor unions over educational reform and choice.

Congress flees D.C. for the election season with January 1, 2010 expiration of the Bush tax cuts pressing on the economy.  Everyone will automatically regress to the tax code as it was before Bush and it will be more costly for all and a further drag on the job market.  There will be less demand for all the country’s products.

And if you just graduated from school and are seeking a job, you face the bleakest prospects in generations.  And your current Congress has vastly expanded the deficit, worked to artificially increase the cost of energy and restraining production of our domestic goods, and increasing the cost and number of regulations on businesses.  These all work to send jobs out of the United States.  So, the changes that Obama have given you, have taken away from a bright and prosperous American future.

Why don’t we just vote for change and vote out the Democrats and the Obama Administration’s destructive policies?

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