Liberals Sacrifice the Future of the African-American Community at the Altar of the Establishment

Many of you have already heard Rush Limbaugh lampoon the top leaders of the Democratic Party, including former President Bill Clinton and members of the White House staff, for their callous mistreatment of Kendrick Meek, the Democrat’s recent nominee for the U.S. Senate in Florida, in attempting to force him out of the recent Florida Senatorial race.  During his show on October 29, 2010, Rush Limbaugh said:

Just the story breaking of an attempt to get Meek to step down is a signal to Democrats in Florida, particularly blacks.  Don’t waste your vote.  Putting out a story that Meek agreed to quit says, ‘Don’t waste your vote.  He agreed with us.  He agreed with us twice.  He was gonna quit.  He agreed that voting for him would be a waste,’ which totally demoralizes any voter support that Meek had.  This is a knife in the back.  This is the Democrat Party again, with the first black president being utilized to take out another black Democrat in place of a white ex-Republican.  (Well, tanned, but nevertheless white ex-Republican.)  It would be interesting to find out who leaked the Meek story.  Of course, we could pretty much guess about this.

But I wonder how many blacks notice this.  I wonder how many.  Because Meek is not a Clarence Thomas in their minds.  He’s not a conservative.  He’s the son of a congresswoman.  Carrie P. Meek, I think, is her name.  He was a loyal Democrat all along.  He’s the one who gets knifed in the back by his own party, by the first black president.  Not the first time.  And apparently it doesn’t matter in the African-American population in this country.  It doesn’t affect ‘em at all.  ‘We love you, we care about you, we’re gonna make sure Republicans don’t put you in the back of the bus.  We’re gonna make sure Republicans don’t initiate slavery again.  Just vote for us every four years.’

The Democratic Party wanted Kendrick Meek to withdraw from the Senate race in Florida because the party was more concerned with power than it was concerned about the needs of the African-American community.  By coalescing around Charlie Christ, the Democratic Party sent a strong message to the African-American that power matters more to it than principles and improving the lives of those in the African-American community.

Kendrick Meek is only the latest of many African-American Democrats who have been cast aside by the Democratic Party at the altar of power.  Recently retired Wisconsin State Representative Annette Polly Williams has also seen how little the needs of the African-American community matter to the Democratic Party bosses.  Representative Williams represented a predominately low-income African-American area of the City of Milwaukee.  As is typical in low-income, inner-city areas, the public schools in Representative Williams’ district were failing to properly and adequately educate the children in the district.  Representative Williams had had enough.

Fed up with how her low-income constituents never seemed to reap the benefits of programs intended to improve the education of their children, Williams defied her own party’s anti-voucher policy and formed an alliance with conservative Democrats and Republican legislators to achieve passage of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the first school voucher program of the modern era.  Four years later, she again worked with GOP lawmakers to include religious schools and a larger number of students in the Expanded Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

It is ironic that the very party that constantly reiterates that it stands up for the African-American community was the very party that abandoned the African-American children in Representative Williams’ district.  As Representative Williams said, “…the Democratic Party, the teachers’ union, and the liberal establishment did not support the parental choice legislation.”

For a more detailed account of how the Democratic Party favors power and maintaining the priorities of the liberal establishment over the futures of millions of African-Americans, please see Chapter 12 (“Why Our Children are having so much trouble getting an Education”) of my book, A Simple Guide:  How Liberalism, a Euphemism for Socialism, Destroys Peoples and Nations.

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