Why do Liberals always “Throw the First Stone?”

Once again political pundits are having a brawl about miscreant behavior-and believe it or not, this is about witchcraft?? Oh witchcraft, apparently there has not been such a severe case since the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 and 1693.

This important information was propagated by the paragon of unbiased news Bill Maher.  During an appearance on Bill Maher’s show on October 29, 1999, Christine O’Donnell, when she was 19 years old, stated that “I dabbled into witchcraft.”

Could we call Bill Maher a liberal?  All right, he is a liberal.  And as usual, he is offering up a piece of “news” that is intended to lay waste an emergent conservative politician.  In this case, it is a very significant person, Christine O’Donnell, who just won the Delaware Republican Senatorial Primary election.  The reason for his distribution of this news is to expose her sin!  Or, should I say, he wants to rescue us from her sin by destroying her career.  No, he does not attack her policies.  Instead, he attacks her actions, judged by him to be dangerous for someone holding political office.

Now he is not the first liberal to do this.  Character assassination by liberal news media is a very common political weapon.  You might say, if you cannot win a policy argument, just destroy the personal character of the opposing politician.  There is a certain desperation about it.

But is there also a certain lack of conscience about it.  The liberal news media has been completely inadequate about exposing the personal immoral or unethical behavior of almost all Democratic politicians.  Consider how and what you learned about John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Barak Obama.

About these people, they are blind to any “sins” and other personal misbehavior.  In fact, liberals seem to find acceptable all types of misbehaviors, as these have been defined and rejected by Western Culture.  Their moral relativism makes the detection of sin, if any, a very personal matter, because in their conscience “the end justifies the means.”

In that respect, a basic tenet of radical liberalism is its insatiable demand for all types of abortion and even infanticide.  And isn’t abortion the ultimate remedy for activities resulting in pregnancy which was not intended or wanted?  Now this suggests that if the remedy of abortion is ok, then certainly the behavior that results in the need for an abortion is also ok.  And so we find in liberalism, no conscience here.  Liberals possess the great personal freedom of having no conscience other than the ends (i.e.-what they want) justifies the means.  But this license is very dangerous to the freedoms of society at large.  The mechanism and means by which liberalism rode roughshod over the American public’s freedoms at law in passing Obama Care proves this conclusively.

Consequently, “let him who is without sin, throw the first stone.”  And so liberalism always picks up the first stone because in their own eyes, they are without sin.  But if you disagree with them, to enhance their political power, they will always try to destroy you with your sin.

And with respect to single party control of America, we better reject them soon.  Voting for someone who admits personal sin may be much healthier to our future than voting for someone who sees no sin in themselves because the end justifies the means.

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