From The Small Business Economist

A call for all the Radical Democrats to go get a real job and find out how the American Economy works:

If you are in any business and your revenues exceed your expenses by just one dollar—you profit, you are alive and well with the following expectations:  You will be able to pay your employees, your vendors and other costs so that you can continue to provide for your customers, who are satisfied with your product or they wouldn’t be your customers.  Your employees will continue to work for you and receive the wages and benefits you pay them, and so will the employees of your vendors whose products you buy.  And, yes, you will be able to pay the company’s share of payroll taxes to the Government, and your employees will be able to pay their share of payroll taxes to the Government.

On the other hand, if your revenues are just one dollar less than your costs—you are not making a profit.

Therefore, you are beginning to lose your ability to pay your employees, your vendors and your other costs.  You will soon not be able to sell your products to your customers.  And you and your employees will soon lose their jobs and benefits.  And all the payroll taxes that you and your employees were paying to the government will drop to zero—and the taxpayers, who are simply just other workers, will have to start paying them unemployment benefits.

Now, if the company was making more of a profit, there are three additional things that could be happening.  First, you could save the money by putting it in the bank.  Your bank would then lend that money to other businesses to expand.  Second, you could use it to expand your business by providing your customers with more products.  This, of course, would require you to hire more employees and purchase more from your vendors and pay more payroll taxes to the government.  Or, three, you could distribute the extra profit to your shareholders, and they could do one of these same three things.

It should now be very clear to you that profit is the propellant of the economy!

After all you Radical Democrats come back from your real jobs, maybe you will realize all these things and begin to encourage all businesses to earn more profit.

If you don’t do this, you are a victim of the ideological lies of Liberalism and are more interested in destroying our economy.

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